Laundry Hamper Bamboo Frame
Laundry Hamper Bamboo Frame

Laundry Hamper Bamboo Frame

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The Bamboo Frame Laundry Hamper is made out of anti-hemp polyester material, which is environmentally friendly. The bright soft yellow color with navy trimmings makes the laundry hamper attractive to store in a room, bathroom or hallway. Ideally, the hamper is right for size to place in the laundry room. Measuring at 15.4" x 13" x 23.6" inches (W x L x H), it’s large enough to store clothing, towels, bed sheets, comforters, and pillows. The sturdy bamboo frame avoids collapsing or bending of the laundry hamper. The base of the hamper comes with an inner, removeable, square base that matches the fabric of the hamper. Overall, the laundry hamper keeps its shape, allows more room for laundry, and its bamboo frame is designed to last a lifetime.