Brain & Optical Wave Tech Gadget

Brain & Optical Wave Tech Gadget

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This mind-blowing brain & optical wave tech gadget performs many tasks. For just 15 minutes a day, stimulate and reboost your brain and eyes. The modern world has become a computer, cellphone, and video must-have society. Due to this nature, our brain and eyes are working overtime and can perform irregularly due to fatigue from all modern world activities. If you are a student, gamer, office worker, work from home, blogger, or an avid reader, the brain & optical wave tech gear is a must-have. On top of all of this, the massaging feeature automatically reduces and removes fine line wrinkles and dark rings around the eyes. Last but not least, it's bluetooth connected. Listen to music while you relax and sleep, or answer important phone calls. Here are some of the many features this gadget has to offer: 

1. Intelligent air pressure, regularly massaged and compresssed on the important points of eyes to clear the nervous system and relieve fatigue

2. Made of high quality material, safe, durable, eco-friendly and harmless to your skin.

3. Constant temperature hot compress, activate blood circulation, eye nutrient absorption capacity and enhance skin elasticity.

4. Vibration massage, vibrate the eye muscle group, restore the flexibility of ciliary muscle, improve eye fatigue.

5. Perfect for reducing fine lines, anti-wrinkles, fading dark circle, fading eye bags and other eye problems.

6. Suitable for school students, computer operators, people who use their eyes for a long time.

7. Foldable design, easy and convenient to carry in travel.

8. Great for all ages.

Comes with instuctions -ships and delivers within 7-10 business days.